Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coffee on Colon Cancer

When we hear the word 'Cancer', we all know that it is a deadly disease and that may affect people at all ages - any nationality, any gender or any social status. In the Philippines, cancer is the third (3rd) leading cause of morbidity and mortality because most cancer patients seek consultation only at advanced stages due to a low cancer prevention consciousness in the country. But when the former president Cory Aquino admitted last year that she has colon cancer, most of the Filipinos started to become aware of what really cancer is.

Colon cancer or also known as Colorectal Cancer is the third (3rd) most common form of cancer and can still be curable if it will be caught at early stages. However, when it is detected at later stages, it is less likely to be curable. It can also be prevented, by improving our lifestyle and probably, by using dietary chemopreventive agents.

Having a healthy body weight, physical fitness and good nutrition decreases the risk of cancer. And did you know that drinking coffee may also prevent colon cancer? According to a group of researchers in Germany, the potent antioxidant compound present in the popular brew can boost the activity of phase II enzymes, which are thought to protect against colon cancer. The anti-cancer compound called methylpyridinium, is found almost in almost all coffee products. Their studies also suggest that drinking coffee may offer some protection, especially if it's strong.

Given the said suggestion, we strongly recommend you to try San Mig Coffee 100% Premium Instant Coffee. Made from 100% premium coffee beans, San Mig Coffee is known for its strong taste, rich aroma and clean aftertaste. With just a small amount of coffee powder compared to other brands, each cup of San Mig Coffee offers a stimulating and authentic coffee experience.

So anytime you want to perk up with a warm, delicious and strong coffee, drink SAN MIG COFFEE!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Be healthy in all the flavors you love in a cup!

Being healthy is a must.

There are many things that we can do to keep healthy, like eating heart-healthy, low calorie foods and exercising. But sometimes, it's hard for us to give up those carbohydrate-loaded and high calorie foods that we used to love because the more we avoid it, the more we're craving for it.

According to some health experts, the key to success in the low-carb and low-calorie lifestyle is NOT about giving up food. So it means we don't need to be hungry! Yay!

BUT... BUT... and another BUT.. it doesn't mean that we can already munch those mouth-watering belgian chocolates or that creamy pasta inside our fridge. Because what they're saying is that we don't need to give up food but it is about giving up foods that don't give us sustained energy or promote good health. We just have to replace those high-carb and high- calorie foods with something better for ourselves.

Like me, I can't give up my daily dose of caffeine and I'm one of those people who love flavored coffees because it satisfies my sweet tooth. That's why before, coffee shops for me were a must-go. But since I'm now cutting down my calorie intake and I'm trying to save money ( this is a must-do for me actually!), I tried to look for an alternative that will still satisfy my cravings. And good thing, I found Grandeur Flavored Coffee Blend.

Packaged in elegant boxes, Grandeur comes in four (4) flavors/blends - Original, Mocha, Hazelnut and Italian and is made from the finest Colombian Arabica coffee beans. Its price is kinda' higher than those regular coffeemixes but it's pretty affordable if you'll compare it with the usual P100 bucks coffee in the coffee shops. So now, I can enjoy having a coffee shop atmosphere, sit-down session with my friends or family even at home. And also, what really tickled my fancy about this product is that all of the blends are SUGAR - FREE and has 45% less calories than regular coffeemixes. That's why I'm well chuffed with this product because I can savor its delightful taste without the calorie guilt!

Really superb eh? But there's something more! Grandeur has an ongoing promo in leading supermarkets wherein you can get 3 pcs. Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookies for FREE in every box. It's really a great bonus because the oatmeal cookies are perfect with a cup of coffee and a heart-healthy snack. And the promo title printed in its promo plastic already says it all ' Savor this Healthy Indulgence'.

So guys, no more questions! Buy Grandeur now!


Coffee's Haute Couture

San Mig Coffee Pro-Health sponsored this year's Metro Magazine's 'Metrowear YDG / FDCP Show'. The first 'defile de mode' shared by Young Designers' Guild and Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines was held last July 30 at NBC Tent wherein the designers presented their fashion forecasts for the coming holiday 2009 season such as Techno Folk, inspired by Shakespeare, Guggenheim, Enchantment and House on the Prairie.
San Mig Coffee Pro-Health supported Metro Magazine because they have the same objective -to set the bar on fashion and beauty. San Mig Coffee Pro-Health variants - Pro-Power, Pro-Beauty, Pro-Slim and Pro-Fiber, have health components that can actually improve and enhance digestion, energy, figure and beauty. A perfect coffee drink that gives you something more than the usual cup of coffee.
Saluer Metro's Haute Couture!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Say 'NO' to Diabetes!

Did you know that DIABETES is threatening to become the world's most deadly disease in the world? According to an article in COLLECTIVE WIZDOM.COM, the World Health Organization announced that diabetes surpassed HIV-AIDS and Malaria on the world's top killer list. The WHO found that 171 MILLION people had diabetes in 2000 and they're estimating that by year 2030, 366 MILLION will have developed with the said disease. It's really an alarming disease because each year, an estimated 3.2 million people worldwide die from its complications.

There are two (2) types of diabetes, TYPE 1 is genetic and unfortunately, there is no known preventive measure which can be taken against it and the principal treatment for this is the delivery of artificial insulin via injection and careful monitoring of blood glucose levels using blood testing monitors. While the second form of diabetes or TYPE 2, is an acquired, preventable disease and is due to insulin resistance or reduced insulin sensitivity. One of the exact cause of this disease is central obesity, wherein too many calories from excess sugar and fat cause fat to line the stomach that may possibly impair glucose resistance.

To prevent ourselves from TYPE 2 diabetes, we can do and follow the ff. game plans:

1. Eat GREENS.
2. MOVE. Walk at least 30 minutes to an hour each day.
3. FIBER. Fiber-rich diets greatly reduce the risk of contracting diabetes.
4. LOW CALORIE. Reduce calorie intake and choose low-calorie foods and drink.

So to make sure that your blood sugar is within the 'safe range', a 'Blood Sugar Screening' is greatly recommended. And GOOD NEWS! Because you can avail it for FREE!

San Mig Coffee Sugar Free Coffeemix, the no. 1 Sugar Free coffeemix in the country (certified by Nielsen Phils.) has 50% less calories and 0% cholesterol compared to regular coffeemixes and available in four (4) signature blends - Mild, Original, Strong and Extra Strong. To raise the consciousness of the Filipinos about diabetes, San Mig Coffee Sugar Free has tied-up with Healthway Medical wherein for every purchase of San Mig Coffee 3in1 Sugar Free or 2in1 Sugar Free, you'll get a free 'Blood Sugar Screening' coupon worth P300.00 that you can present to any Healthway branch until August 31, 2009. See poster below for details:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Over the past years, Filipinos have recognized the growing trend of health and wellnes as they become more conscious of their health and lifestyle habits. They continuously search for ways to enhance themselves physcially and physiologically by finding means to cleanse and detoxify, watch what they eat and drink, and spare time to exercise and beautify.

This is the main reason behind San Mig Coffee's launch of their newest product line of healthy coffeemixes.
The coffee you've come to love now gives you something more tempting, with health components that can actually help improve and enhance your looks, digestion, energy and figure. A perfect coffeemix drink that gives you something more that your usual cup of joe.

Introducing SAN MIG COFFEE PRO-HEALTH, a line of complete sugar-free coffeemixes enriched with unique functional ingredients for added health and wellness, with four (4) variants you can choose from depending on your every health need:
San Mig Coffee Pro-Beauty contains 250 mg of Collagen that can help restore skin's elasticity and strengthen joints. Collagen is a fibrous protein that connects and supports your body tissues. Drinking regular cups of San Mig Coffee can help firm up and smoothen your skin and delay the signs of aging.

San Mig Coffee Pro-Fiber effectively aids digestion with 5 grams of Inulin Fiber in every sachet. With the recommended dosage of 25-30 grams a day of fiber you need in your body, you're one step ahead of gaining smoother digestion and a cleaner digestive system with a cup of San Mig Coffee Pro-Fiber. Moreover, fiber helps lower your cholesterol level for a healthier heart, and increases calcium absorption for stronger bones.

San Mig Coffee Pro-Power gives you 10mg of Ginkgo Biloba that improves both your physical and mental performance. Ginkgo Biloba's main function is to help improve blood flow to the brain and enhance blood circulation all throughout the body. Drinking regular cups of San Mig Coffee Pro-Power will definitely boost your memory, improve your stamina, and detoxify your body.

San Mig Coffee Pro-Slim, with 200mg of L-Carnitine, is a great complement to your exercise and other physical activities as it helps convert fatty acids into energy and increases metabolic rate. It's definitely an extra benefit when your drink your favorite cup of coffee everyday.

Delicious, sugar-free, has zero cholesterol, low in fat, and low-calorie ... the coffee made perfect, San Mig Coffee Pro-Health. Choose the variant that best fits you and be well in your way to a better, healthier, and perfect you. Only P9.75 per sachet (SRP)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready to dim the lights!

This year, there are a lot of upcoming movies that will surely bring excitement in the big screens. We're still wondering if what movie this year can beat the colossal success of 'You Changed My Life' or 'The Dark Knight'. So we checked the airing schedules of foreign films (unfortunately, we can't find any complete listings of upcoming local films) and picked out the most promising movies this year:


1. TRANSFORMERS 2 (Revenge of the Fallen) - June 2009

Excited to hear Optimus Prime's voice? Or the malfunctioning voice of Bumblebee? Well, the movie received negative reactions and low approval rating from some popular and notable movie critics in the US because they found it too long at 147 minutes and according to them, it has the lowest forms of humor. But amidst those negative reviews, we heard that the movie already earned an astounding $60.6 million on its opening day. Whoa! People still love the Autobots!

2. ICE AGE 3 - July 2009

Yay! It will be released in RealD! Century Fox announced before that people would no longer have to pay for the 3D glasses in theaters....and that's a great deal, right? We're sure children everywhere are so excited to see this movie and even those young adults who are still kid at heart.


Oh Harry!

Finally, Harry Potter's sixth year in Hogwarts will already be seen in big screen. There are a lot of new characters and action-packed scenes that will surely add spice in the movie. We want to see how Dumbledore will manipulate Horace Slughorn to uncover Voldemort's defenses in exchange of the chance to teach the famous Harry Potter. And of course, we want to witness the growing romance between Harry and Ginny...and how will Ginny's boyfriend, Dean Thomas, and Ron stand in their way. Oh, and we're sure you don't want to miss how will Hermione simmer with jealousy as Ron will have a girlfriend named Lavender Brown.

But Dumbledore..... sniff! sniff! Well, we don't want to spoil the excitement of those people who haven't read the book so we'll just end this with... Expelliarmus!

3. FINAL DESTINATION 4 - August 2009

According to the movie tagline, ' Take the trip in Real D 3D' . Creepy...

4. TOY STORY 3 - October 2009

Another 3D, 'to infinity and beyond'! This computer- animated film with Woody, Buzz and their toy-box friends will surely get thumbs up from children.

5. ASTRO BOY- October 2009

This young robot with incredible powers will surely give his positive 'blue' energy in the big screen!

6. NEW MOON - November 2009

Summit is soOo lucky! Due to the phenomenal success of Twilight movie last year, people are now religiously waiting for this 2nd sequel and so excited to see the new casts - the Wolf Pack and the Volturis. Try to watch the trailer of this movie.... well, Jacob's transformation to his wolf form is kinda' lame because if you have read the book, Jacob personally revealed his secret to Bella and not during that 'Laurent-Bella meadow scene'. Oops, too much spoilers! Well, even they changed and omitted some scenes, we think this movie will get 4-5 stars! *****

7. SHERLOCK HOLMES - December 2009

The different genres of this movie adaptation starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law will surely bring a big hit in cinemas.


Who wouldn't love Alvin, Simon and Theodore? We're sure that it will be one of the most successful animation/live action movie, and maybe it'll beat Ratatouille.

Given that there are a lot of good movies that are worth watching this year, it's time to look for the best movie theaters that are equipped with the latest Dolby Digital EX Technology. One of our favorite is the Eastwood Cinema. Eastwood Cinema has reclining rocket seats with retractable armrests. It has a stadium-style seating and can accommodate 250-300 persons. It's really one of the best!

And to complete your best movie experience in Eastwood Cinema, grab a warm cup of GRANDEUR Flavored Coffee Blend. It is a premium, flavored coffee made from the finest Colombian Arabica Coffee beans and available in four (4) SUGAR-FREE blends - Original, Mocha, Hazelnut and Italian Original. It's really a perfect coffee indulgence while watching a good movie in a superb cinema.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Calling all simple, basic, 'no frills' coffee drinkers!

Some coffee aficionados often go for a cup of black coffee as they learned to drink and enjoy coffee only with sugar - strictly no additives! They considered themselves as 'coffee purists' as they would never, ever add dairy to their coffee because they want to preserve the basic color of the coffee. Are they coffee snobs? No, they just want to treasure the pure clean taste of coffee.

Well, do you consider yourself as one of the 'coffee purists'? If yes, Good News! Because here's the perfect coffee for you!

SAN MIG COFFEE 2in1 COFFEEMIX is the first and only complete line of single-serve sachet of sweetened black coffee. Each sachet offers a fresh, quick, and convenient cup of sweetened black coffee anytime, anywhere. And what's good about this brand is that it's available in Regular (Coffee + Sugar) and Sugar Free (Coffee + Sweetener) coffee blends - Mild, Original and Strong. So no more 'tantsahan' in preparing your coffee! It's also affordable, because for as low as P2.50 per sachet, you can now enjoy the perfect coffee taste and convenience of San Mig Coffee 2in1.

Another good reason why San Mig Coffee 2in1 is the perfect coffee for you is because it is a HEALTHY product. Each cup of San Mig Coffee 2in1 has ZERO FAT and absolutely cholesterol and calorie-free! Whew! It is indeed a very good product, right?

So say goodbye to your traditional preparation of coffee and embrace now the new convenience! Black coffee may not have the pizzazz of flavored coffee but one thing is for sure, its strong coffee taste will really keep you awake.

So what are you waiting for? Buy San Mig Coffee 2in1 NOW!